Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not guilty!

To hell with Uleadin and his post!

I spent half an hour going through my comments; counting them.

This is what I've found,

Female : Male commentators
Its a dog's life 3:2
Early Bird Gets the Worm 2:1
How to...Why is... 4:3
Petrol - The Elixir of Life! 2:3
Idiot Totalica 4:1
The Uncertainty Principle 3:6
Firefox 3 - The best yet! 3:4
False fueling 2:4
Open Sesame 3:3
A New Unit of Fuel Efficiency 4:3
Orion 1:2
A collage of phrases and idioms 1:2
A trip down the IT high(and low) way... 1:2
ATM - Automatic Turn-off by Microsoft 3:11

That totals to 36:47. 36 females to 47 males commenting on my blog! Hail statistics!

Looking at them however, I haven't got too many comments per post. Sigh.


Kunal said...

Here is one regular comment of ur's..

'Krrrr Thuuuu'

Anuradha said...

Off late, i have been thinking that i am spending otiose hours at workplace. I feel better now.
If you could dig up more stats like genre of post->ratio, i would feel much better..

btw, are you trying to take some pride that your posts have had more male readers?

LVS said...

perhaps it is because guys leave an unanswerable comment that i have been accused of greater female fans
the numbers have been given..you can do the math or outsource them! (not to me).
and, not really. but then i'm not guilty!

Akshaya said...

I promise that i shall do my capacity to increase the female species comment on ur blogsphere from now on... after all you cant have the "chamathu" tag forever rite ;)

LVS said...

i can neutralize your comments with my reply!

Akshaya said...

LV - KA THU!!!!

RukmaniRam said...

you were this jobless, and you wont help me find a job because you're busy?

LVS said...

am so jobless, I might need one myself....

Arun Sundar said...

Ada ada ada!! Enna research!! Perfect utilisation of time and space :)

LVS said...

@arun sundar

i sometimes go against your idealogy about the relation between thinking and writing!

Prashanth said...

Commenting from phone!

Prashanth said...

Man! Ssl takes so much money!

Vinesh said...

yay! so you came out clean through the test of fire! :)

TD5M4PP3R said...

Statistics are like miniskirts. They show a lot, but not the most essential things

LVS said...


what would you do with not even a miniskirt to cover you? :P