Thursday, July 16, 2009

Save Power!

Quick Post! Kunal and myself are trying to run a campaign at Photon to encourage energy saving (at work and elsewhere). Its right now only on Twitter and you can find it here (hey, that rhymes!).

It has just started.. We decided on going to twitter mainly because people can throw ideas from their seats. Do drop by, you might be surprised how a trivial idea can make a lot of difference. You are of course, encouraged to start similar 'movements' at your work place or college or even your home. Please do! We have an anti-patent on this which asks: 'please copy us'!

Thanks for all your suggestions! We do hope we are able to change certain habits of people and certain practices in our company; and we ain't complaining if it leaks out.

For a better tomorrow,

PS: If you thought I was going to give ideas on how to save power, am sorry but you can always check the Twitter page above.
PPS: Borrowed from Kunal: People who waste electricity deserve to be electrocuted! :P
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A twitter clone?

Sure, there are lots of twitter like websites and services available on the net. But you surely wouldn't have expected this. I came across an email where someone typo-ed as - I was laughing at it for sometime. But after a while, inspiration stuck and I thought lets try out and see what happens. I wouldn't have been surprised if I had got some cheap search engine or 'this domain is for sale'. However, I was expecting a redirection to (unlike used to redirect to vodafone UK). Surprise. What I got was "What are 'you' doing?" in the header. They've even got versions it seems for says in the page 'Live Comments 3.0.4'
You have a field for name, email (both optional) and a comment field where you can type upto 255 characters. Twitter without accounts? Only am not sure how I can follow someone....Try it! Wonder why Gmail didn't buy it though.


PS: A bit more exploring reveals that it is some geeks attempt at trying some AJAX...scroll to the end of the page
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