Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A twitter clone?

Sure, there are lots of twitter like websites and services available on the net. But you surely wouldn't have expected this. I came across an email where someone typo-ed as - I was laughing at it for sometime. But after a while, inspiration stuck and I thought lets try out and see what happens. I wouldn't have been surprised if I had got some cheap search engine or 'this domain is for sale'. However, I was expecting a redirection to (unlike used to redirect to vodafone UK). Surprise. What I got was "What are 'you' doing?" in the header. They've even got versions it seems for says in the page 'Live Comments 3.0.4'
You have a field for name, email (both optional) and a comment field where you can type upto 255 characters. Twitter without accounts? Only am not sure how I can follow someone....Try it! Wonder why Gmail didn't buy it though.


PS: A bit more exploring reveals that it is some geeks attempt at trying some AJAX...scroll to the end of the page

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srinath said...

does google not have copyrights for gmail???? how can some random ass use it????