Monday, December 15, 2008

A Tribute to Daffy Duck

I've always liked cartoons that were on TV when I was a kid. Today's kids are unlucky in my opinion. The ones during our (assuming you are the same group as mine) times were a real treat. Tom & Jerry, Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner Show, Sylvester and Tweety, Dexter's Laboratory, Daffy Duck and so many more. How do Kim Possible, Ben 10, Naruto or Pokeman compare to them?

Even though they were toons, they were closer to reality. With a tad of impossibility for humour and themes you could relate to. Overall a great way to pass time and relax.

Over the past few months, I've been getting nostalgic with the cartoons of our age.They would appear on my desktop background or IM display image. I've been stuck with Daffy for a long time now.

The thing that stuck me about Daffy, is his character; the way he always tries to control things to his advantage and ends up making a fool of himself. The way he is cunning, eccentric, self-centred and a bit vile sometimes. Managing to goof up everything he plans, never learning from his clumsy work and yet being comical will forever be etched in my mind. Perhaps, he was a success (as a cartoon character that sold) because people were able to relate to his demeanour and less because of his rant and the insolent laughter.

Later on in Daffy's career, he was placed along with Bugs Bunny. The cartoon was now more enticing than ever. Daffy's greedy, aggressive manner was a stark contrast to Bugs' thinking, cool disposition. I simply love the combination. One episode with "Duck season! (R)Wabbit season!" is quite unforgettable for me.

Yet, beyond all this, it was one particular picture of Daffy that makes me so attached to it. It has been my profile pic on orkut (ya, I know that's violating rules!) and my desktop background on my system at work. It is very true that a picture speaks a thousand words; this one tells everything about Daffy. Everything I've said above, and more. Here it is:

you're despicable!

This pic has been a morale booster, kind of an inspiration. I love you Daffy! You shall remain my 'avatar' forever! (Hope Warner Bros Looney Toons don't sue me).

PS: This is totally irrelevant to the post, but I just added some fish to my blog. Please feed them! :)


Anuradha said...

Your daffy, Donald, Daisy, Scrooge, Huey, Louie, Dewey.. Wonder why so many ducks are quacking around?

VSR said...

Hey Buddy, the fish on the rite side was probably the lone cute thing in ur Blog.. U n ur silly daffy!

LVS said...

all ducks quack. but there is only one on my blog!

thanks. but does the post anywhere says daffy is 'cute'?

RukmaniRam said...

"This pic has been a morale booster, kind of an inspiration."


while i agree with you that today's cartoons don't deserve my worthless time, you should also keep in mind that all the cartoons you listed, with the exception of dexter, were from way before our time. they just happened to 'still be around' when we were kids.

LVS said...


yes. i see you can't relate to it. but it has been. I look at it and try to mirror the same gives me some pep

and thanks for the clarification. that is what I was trying to say. :)

Janani said...

hmm....i perfectly agree....

infact i still watch bugs and daffy wid my younger brother.....(and season wabbit season is awesome!?)

but i disagree to adding pokemon to that not-so-good was quite gud till season 2....dragon ballz has a much bigger fan club than daffy cud ever get...

ofcourse...tom n jerry, bugs are no comparisons..besides, in those days, cartoons were theatre releases...they were produced and directed by the best ppl around.. but today there are around 6 channels dedicated to cartoons in india alone..its a commercial business. not work of art today!

Prashanth said...

What a striking coincidence!

I was gonna schedule for next week, a very short post on some old cartoons I liked and still like!

And btw, why don't you make your fish non-flash enabled? I can't install flash player everytime I use Ubuntu Live just to feed your fish you know!

LVS said...

cool point you've made there! "no more a work of art" indeed.

great minds think alike!

Ubuntu live: I would like to help, ABowman won't give me the flash code.
Anyway, what do you expect me to
convert it into? javascript?
It would be more helpful if you try live USB :)

Janani said...

ps: i quite liked the fishes...

RukmaniRam said...

i overfed your fish. happy tank cleaning.

kavya said...

hmm. . I agree . . I hate the cartoons of today . . they simply have too much violence . . and the japanese ones !! Horrible !!!

I lived tom and jerry ( the kids one was terrible too - but I guess that's when it started phasing out ) and then there was jetsons, flintstones, uncle scrooge and his 3 nephews in duck Tales, Carmen SanDeigo, Jungle Book !! :)

Sigh . . i miss jungle book ! :(

All said, I hated bugs bunny and tweety and daffy and slyvester .. i liked the granny who came in the mysteries though !!:)

So while ur choice of characters does not get my endorsement . . ur views certainly do ! :)

LVS said...


But my fish can convert 100% of their food intake into energy they require to move around. OK. Not 100%. Some energy is lost as sound energy when you click your mouse :P

hmmmm...i wonder why you didn't like daffy/bugs..i thought everyone did

lappet! said...

love ur all ur posts! not a big fan of daffy though, prefer bugs!

LVS said...

thanks for dropping by! :)

Kunal said...

Scooby and shaggy.. Made the best pair..
Swat cats was amongst some favourites..
Road runner sure cracked a laugh..
There's no beating 'FlintStones'.. Twitch Twitch..

I still see some old ones on DD.. But most of them are pretty old and already seen.. The cartoon channels are boring and not worthy of even a single look..

Oh.. How did i forget 'Baloo the bear' and Donald duck!


Kunal said...

Oops.. Missed U on the list! :P

PS: God bless VSR.. Daffy is kinda cute :) I hated the fish though :)

LVS said...

perhaps we'd make a good cartoon pair too..

and what happened to your 'god bless us all'??

aishwarya said...

hey !!
gotta totally agree wit u man !!
tom n jerry s , daffys n bugs bunnys still rule !! i guess we all hav t child in us alive till t time v live :)!!

David Germain said...

Since you're a big Daffy fan, I think you might appreciate the blogpost I did about him:

Daffy Duck!