Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Misplaced Sole?

How many times has it been that you lost your slippers outside a temple and forced to walk bare footed back home (or the less noble ones, on someone else's shoes)? Did you think it was someone who was lazy to locate his (or her) own slippers that took yours instead? Or was it you indeed who was lazy to look for your own and took someone elses? Ever realized this is a vicious circle? If everyone took someone else's footwear because theirs was missing, who's would the last folks wear? (This is a bit like Agar Roopa ki baniyan pehnoge toh...Roopa kya pehnegi!!)

I've thought much about this and found no answer. However, I woke up to an interesting conversation between my parents. I don't know if its really true but it seems quite probable - what if it weren't humans who (directly) took your slippers?

It seems like its dogs. Dogs which seem stray. What they got to do with slippers you may ask. But do not underestimate the lengths loyalty like a canine's can take you.

These best friends of man are trained - to steal footwear (mostly slippers) that are left unattended. We have a pair of slippers lying in our backyard which we use when we need to go to the garden. We've lost them brand new, twice. I guess its the cobblers who'd benefit most from such acts! So next time you see a stray dog entering your compound, make sure you chase it away before its spots a useful item to grab.

PS: Am not sure if its the dogs at the temple. It could be cats!


Kavya said...

They say that if you lose your slippers outside a temple, your sins are forgiven. :)

VSR said...

If I were to believe in Kavya's comments, I need to keep losing slippers on daily basis to wash away all my sins.. I prefer to be a sinner. ;-)

Kunal Janu said...

I lost my slippers outside the Venkateswara temple in T Nagar.. I directly linked it to visiting the temple without a bath! :)

It was a cousin's wedding for which we'd been working all night.. In the morning we happened to take a few of our relatives to the temple..

Kunal Janu

LVS said...

does that mean you believe her or no?

@kunal and @kavya
guess you people are the real sinners to link sins to slippers. look at me, I am pure and linked it to something else :P

Deepa said...

so what were your parents really talking about? Getting your married?

LVS said...

ah I wish they were!

RukmaniRam said...

dude, you really need to end sentences you begin with parentheses with parentheses.

"If everyone took someone else's footwear because theirs was missing, who's would the last folks wear?" They would wear the first persons shoes. It's a _circle_

Sat_hi_sh said...

have never imagined anythin like this cud happen...
useful post yaar :)

hey am surprised that u dont have a followes widget pa ,cud u put that up so that ppl cud keep track easily ???

anyways nice blog :)
keep blogging

LVS said...

did you tuk many chappals?

there you go now

I prefer people use the 'my blog in your email' box better :)

Anonymous said...

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TD5M4PP3R said...

Wow! That is so freaking innovative! Never thought dogs would be trained to do that!

ambika said...

After losing a precious pair.. I make sure I'm wearing the tornest pair of all before I go to temples.. :P
Oh btw, so did u lose one or just the post???

LVS said...

I know! I was like :O when I heard about it the first time...

I agree..beware of what you wear! And yes, I've lost quite a few. Many years back though...since then I stopped wearing one to temples! (or leave it in the car)