Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Status Update!

To be honest, I had nothing else to blog about. I'm [temporarily] tired of posting my life on Facebook and Twitter. Although, this post is bound to go as another update in both places. Ironic? So, what have I been upto? Nothing much really. I've been trying to, what is that..ah juggle too many balls at once. (Watching movies, reading novels inclusive). And if that wasn't enough, I had to add another object to balance - as a favour. Of course, am not going to divulge any of that here.

But there is some news for you. Sad for me. My IndiBlogger rank has come down around 30 points in 4 months. Around November last, it was 76 - my highest till date. Even my academics weren't as good. And now its just fail - 43! What with IndiBlogger Chennai meet coming up this weekend that really worries me. Imagine:
"Nice to meet you"
"let me take your blog address"
"sure its...what's yours?"
"am ranked 86 btw, what about you?"
"er..i gotta go"

Hope IndiBlogger is reading this and temporarily tweak their settings and raise my rank (Just for this weekend, please!). But while I type this, I realized I can really chatter away. I'm come thus far without really having had an idea on what to write. Oh yes, my posts are usually intentional, directed at a particular topic. Do have a look around, won't you? Yes, I was saying..I realized I can start typing all the random stuff that runs in my mind, in order of appearance. Its almost like writing an examination. Only am not worried about the "rank" anymore. Hope I can post something every now and then to up my rank.

I also found my laptop [Dell Vostro 1510, more than a year old] is quite a work horse. I let it run for a few hours virtualizing two different OSes both running something heavy AND using my system myself at the same time. Good good.

A friend though recently bought a Sony Vaio at a staggering price, but loads more a workhorse than mine - a workaholic workhorse if you will. Ha! I've always wanted to use that phrase in my blog sometime - 'if you will' and I think it fits in quite well here. I digress. (that's another I've been wanting to use since long) But then he's got Windows 7 and flicked a copy of PC Quest from his work to read 'everything you needed to know about Windows 7'. Think about paying for something you didn't want and trying to learn about it. That again sounds like school. Hmmmm.

I don't know why but I really feel like I should fit a PJ in here. My colleague and I have 'discovered' a new tea shop where we like to take our evening breaks. I say tea shop because coffee shop somehow sounds hi-fi. And the tea (or coffee for me) acts like some kind of PJ inducer to us. You should hear us babble after we've had a sip. Of course, they're all time-bound jokes and would make no sense here making you go "poor joke indeed".

Of the movies I'd planned to watch, Die Hard 4.0 was the most recent. I must say I really liked the movie - cool with hackers and stuff and of course, Bruce Willis with all that action! What I find mildly surprising was that I got stuck in an elevator at work the very next day of watching the movie. How're they related? Well, there's a scene in the movie where John McClain's daughter is stuck in one. But she was alone. I, however, was with another girl...and two other guys. It was all dark and no one's cell phone screen was bright enough so I closed my eyes and started day dreaming. You know. Rescuing them and stuff..So while I was dreaming and smirking to myself, another guy called up his friend and got help. Smart. I thought to myself "doodh nahi peyega tho aisa hi hoga". But I swear, I drink atleast 2 glasses of milk - with some chocolate flavoured malt!

And after about 20 minutes of typing, I hit the wall. Nothing more to say. To share. I hope to see more updates from my 'sidebar friends' too. They're almost worse than me!


BTW, in other news, I am becoming an 'uncle' pretty soon...\m/ \o/ And yet, my sis-in-law manages to update her blog SO very often. Check it out. And while you're at it, you can check my cousin's too. Who's kind of competing with her. 'Healthy' competition though..

PS: Please turn off all unwanted lights. That includes your screen too.


ambika said...

"I hope to see more updates from my 'sidebar friends' too. They're almost worse than me!"
My latest IndiBlogger Rank is 48!!! So I'm not almost worse than u, just marginally better.. (IndiBlogger knows how!)

And ur post doesn't talk of nothing, as I had predicted. It talks of many things that don't go into my head.

Anyways, good thing to have your blog running!!!

Krishna said...

I'd rather feed your fish....

Vish said...

wah! thats more like it.. random posts on daily events.

btw, W7 feels so alien to me. when i unpacked the laptop and powered it on, it took more than 10 mins for the initial windows setup followed by a reboot. i found it amusing. :)

Agent V.V said...

i remember the convo we had abt how this post was gonna turn out :D !!

RukmaniRam said...

Where's the pj?

Anonymous said...

The sidebar has a link to my blog, and I'm embarassed too.. "4 weeks ago." I've got to update mine too.. I have never cared about the rank, but hey, I do gets more than 2000 page hits a week, an average of close to 400 a day. I wonder what drives all that traffic into my blog :P

Off to change the theme and remove irrelavant content from my blog

VSR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LVS said...

within a day of posting this, magically 2 of my sidebar friends have updates! yay! :D

and so many comments soo happy!! :D

that's why I said 'almost' worse!!
please do. been looking for a caretaker...
congrats once more buddy. enjoy what you paid for! >:)
this is so :P
the coffee had already worn off...sorry to disappoint you :(
we all know you are busy with other 'clubs' :) and stop showing off. wp does everything for you...
thanks for the warning, but knowing me for 20 years, she hardly needs that. and don't forget you have a major share of those PJs too

Janani Raj said...

another random

i found ur sister-in-law's blog quite appealing to me sensory taste buds though..ha!

VSR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LVS said...

yes..i haven't really gone through everything myself. the least i can do is post it here...:)

i'm pretty sure the girls here will find you disgusting. you can stop replying to their comments

Umbrella said...

My My..what an interesting monologue! lolz...Kno really kept me glued till the end! I loved this dig " paying for something you didn't want and trying to learn about it. That again sounds like school."...:). Hey..If u r going to get struck in Lifts in future..try watching "Final Destination ..all 4 parts!!..lolzz. Enjoyed reading post. keep blogging.