Saturday, June 12, 2010


So I tried to write my first poem. Like Archimedes, I got the idea when I was in the shower. Though, I didn't do the 'Eureka' part. The idea was simple and came in an instant. I guess I was inspired by my good friend Srinath who has been on a poem writing spree. After postponing for nearly a week, I was surprised putting it in words didn't seem very difficult. And it didn't take too much time either. So here it is. Do leave your comments.

Alone in the depths of the seas;
No more purpose than to survive.
The oyster awaits, what it knows not.

Along comes the hand of destiny;
Lays within, what is foreign.
The oyster reacts, to what it knows not.

Days pass by, as do months;
Layer upon layer of work.
The oyster creates, what it knows not.

Likewise is man; Awaiting God's voice.
The foreign, his duties.
The man strives, for what he knows not.



sushmita said...

Nice one .. gr8 .. :)

Teal™ said...

Dei LVS kavidhaii daa.... kavidhai! :)

Aarthi said...

Well said.. another interesting piece of work from u :)

LVS said...

thanks! do you have a blog?
adhayum thaandi punithamanathu :P
nandri! whatever happened to yours?

Janani Raj said...

i liked the oyster bit...smthg new to read in a poem..nice short one!

Janani Raj said...

and luks like u'r taking the efforts to write regularily even in the bathroom ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. interesting!! I think you should shower more often.. ;)

RukmaniRam said...

wunnerful analogy da