Friday, April 17, 2009

A Silent Confession

Its been on for nearly two years now. This is the end. I've lost her. She's never going to come back to me. I must confess, I haven't treated her good. In fact, I have used her. Misused her. She gave me everything she could. Devoted herself to me. Never questioned me.

To start from the beginning, it wasn't really a love-at-first-sight kind of thing. I'd seen her before. Though I hadn't noticed, I first saw her on a loose sheet of newspaper. Then when I met her again, got to knew what she was, I became more interested. Then one fine beautiful August evening I knew I had got her. Just like that. (Though I had to run to the ATM just before) and I brought her home that very day. Mom was the usual "Am happy if you are happy" and Dad (when she wasn't around) said "Good choice son. She's very cute. Now you know why I said your previous choice wouldn't be right. Am glad you got this one instead. Anyway, not good to talk about the past..." and so on.

A few months later, the 'previous choice' came into my life again. My brother got her. (It happens people. Hope you understand). Though, it never created a problem, I must say I was like "Damn, I missed my chance". Yet, I never had second thoughts about my choice.

The first few months were great, I was showing her off to a lot of my friends. Many said, "Nice da". Some said "hey...semma cute da!". What else can a guy ask? I loved to look at her. I loved to hold her tight. Am pretty sure she enjoyed the warmth too. She too, did get warm and happy when I talked a lot (which I rarely do). Oh! How I loved fondling her!

And then, I started treating her real bad. From the days where I used to put something soft where she sat, I had come to not caring where she was lying. I started venting my anger on her. Pushed her to the floor a lot. But she took it all without a protest. Never once did she complain. A few more months passed and she started showing physical signs of my behaviour. Scratches and bruises on her face and body and more.

I didn't bother. Once I was so hard on her she cracked her head. Then a few nights later, not being able to take anymore of it, decided to leave me. Suicide. She didn't even leave a bedside note. One morning I woke up and found her lying on the floor beside my bed, in two parts. She had died peacefully in my sleep. I should've taken extra care of her in those last days, but I didn't.

And now she's gone forever. She's not much worth even in an exchange. She's left me in a confused state; I don't know what phone to buy next. Damn it!


RukmaniRam said...

hey! you be stealing my precious lines. i object.

Kavya said...

Serves you right . .

Been expecting this post since I saw ur status a few days back :P

Janani Raj said...

you actually tuk d pains to write this for a phone??! duh...

LVS said...

here you go, the credit for "my phone died peacefully in my sleep" goes to this lovely blogger lady.

don't tell me you expected _this_ kind!

it wasn't a pain really! An idea, I stopped typing only when I was done.

Vish said...

good you didn't get too close.. God knows what would have happened then? marriage???

ambika said...

Your suspense to this post had long back been revealed by Kunal's comment in some older post of yours!! :P

My case was worse, I lost my love to someone else..(as in, it got stolen) :( :(

LVS said...

lolz! trust vishal for some crooked thoughts

oh! maybe you guessed right, but my phone was all ok back then...I was casually saying I need a new one! Anyway, damn!

about your phone, if it was true love, you'd get it back.

Vivek said...

Well Written.

LVS said...


Glad you liked it. Thanks for dropping by! :)

The Eternal Seeker said...

lol nice post..

Anuradha B said...

Or have YOU killed her pushing down the mountain, i mean bed?

LVS said...

@eternal seeker
thank you!
and keep visiting :)

LVS said...

I forced her to suicide.
So in a manner of speaking, I did murder her :(

aandthirtyeights said...

Oh man. I've had the same phone since 2003 (except for six months in between). It is heavily bandaged currently. This post tells me that I'll be really depressed when I finally let it go. :(

LVS said...

I know..I can relate to your feelings...But its not good to think of letting go in a relationship you know :) that's the key!

Kunal Janu said...


I think the comment thread is more interesting than the post itself :P

Give yourself an applause:P

Kunal Janu

LVS said...

you ought to praise the author of the post for evoking such comments

clap clap

Ambika said...

The "soul" still exists right????

VSR said...

@ Kunal,
You were right this one time. The comments are more interesting than the post. Is it bcoz the author is so bad and we happen to be damn good bloggers? Cud be :P