Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 - The best yet!

Update: Firefox does it! A Guinness record for most software downloaded in 24 hours! A stunning 8,002,530 downloads, verified by Guinness Book of Records over 3 weeks! Check here for more details.

Hello readers,

This is a quick post on Mozilla Firefox's latest release. To refresh Fx (or FF) users' memory and educate the ignorant IE users, that there is a better browser around; better than even Fx2!

Firefox 3, on 17th July 2008, comes with a plethora of features, many of which are simply merging Fx2 add-ons into the browser. We'll come to that later.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the release; having used it since beta 3, I thought it quite deserves it. They are even trying to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 Hrs! Going by the stats, I think they can easily create a world record. w00t!!

You can follow the count right here. I urge you to take part! You even get a certificate! Here is mine. Remember though, this is open till 2100 hrs IST only. After which of course, you will be able to download and use Fx3 but not contribute to the world record. Sad, but quite fair. My bad for not blogging this before! However, looking at the world wide stats, I feel let down that there has not been enough downloads from India. For instance, Iran and Australia have fewer Internet users than us. Yet, there have been more downloads in these countries. Although, there are a few surprising entries into this world record.

  • Samoa - 6
  • Tonga - 6
  • The Gambia - 16
  • Somalia - 7 :P
  • Mauritius - 530 (I guess most of them were tourists on their laptops. hehe)
  • The Chad and Western Sahara Liberia - 1 each (a friend Vishal suggested it was perhaps the President :D)

Coming to the features, here are some which I found absolutely cool!
  • one click bookmarking! Yes, that easy!
  • search bookmarks/history/RSS feeds simultaneously
  • search with keyword (type anything related to the site, part of the URL, title, keywords added to bookmarks etc and get relevant results)
  • multi-select. God, I've wanted this since my first computer!
  • smart bookmarks
  • a list of 'most visited' sites, automatically generated
  • a new about:mozilla page :D
  • true fullscreen exprience
  • anti phishing and anti-malware
  • parental control
  • read here for more features
  • they claim to have made more than 15,000 improvements!
I really did this in a hurry and didn't have time to show you enough screen grabs. I'd love to though. Still, its best you go download it yourself and try it out! Good luck, and rediscover the web, again!

Note: At 1639 hrs IST, the total downloads was at 5,910,353.


Firefox 3


Akshaya said...

LV... Every time i think u cant amaze me any more u take me by suprise!! :) good post!

LVS said...


surprise me and download fx3 :D

TD5M4PP3R said...

Cool da! I downloaded it.. but am yet to install becoz my Windows is virus infected :):)

uleadin said...


I downloaded it last nite (or today morning). Was pretty slow download then.

gotta download the windows EXE once I re-install!

Anuradha said...

One day, if Mozilla ventures outside open source, you should be a prime marketing consultant !

You sound more like a impresario than a mere user. Keep it up !

Make merry with FF3 !!

LVS said...


Mozilla is at marketing already. is one such venture :D

me just retailing :P

Rukmani Ram said...

I got my certificate like you ordered.. Ana enga display panrathu nu than therila!

LVS said...

point taken,
maybe you can take a print out frame it :)

or print it on a t shirt...

Kunal said...

Microsoft does not need to set a record, IE usually comes as a package to the OS..
Anyways, Good work by FF and team :)
Even i use ff for most of my browsing, Just because of some wierd issues on my configuration of the IE..