Thursday, June 26, 2008

Idiot Totalica

Well, perhaps this post ain't really got anything for you to read. The sole (there has been no typo here) purpose of these few lines are to get Technorati's (TR) spiders on to my blog. So that they can know this is really my blog.

I am supposed to post a special/unique link somewhere here, so that they can cross check. Of course, I could've given them my blog link and password, but as you might already know, am not very forthcoming in trusting someone with my passwords.

So here you go TR, Technorati Profile. As the name suggests, this leads to my profile which I haven't updated as yet. (Sorry TR the lack of trust, and thanks for this opportunity for another post!)

Ahh..I almost forgot, the name of this post comes from what a friend called me for giving her devious hints as to how to claim your blog on TR. Well actually my own Latin translation of 'complete idiot'. :-)

Have fun,



Rukmani Ram said...

actually, you are "cunctus morionis"
(too bad google doesnt support english to latin translation!)

And I did claim my blog, your hints only led me away!

LVS said...



mummycool said...

chinna paiyan etho eyutharaannu paartha....kalakkita da kanna!!

Akshaya said...

Makku Moronica... I jus came up wit it... :D

LVS said...


how about asadu akshaya?


LVS said...


thank you thank you thank you...

Anuradha said...

So you want to improve your "BRP" through TR ?!

LVS said...


more or less!
I want my blog to be more visible [that's what TR promised]