Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Uncertainty Principle

It has been a year at Photon. During my initial training, and through my project allocations, I have been seated at 8 different places in my office. I understand that different projects are at different floors/bays; yet, I am in only my 3rd (billable) project here.

It is interesting to note that it is only my second PC. My first seat at the company was chosen by chance. Every one of the trainees was pretty excited about the brand new systems running Vista Business. OK, I confess, we did more of fooling around than learning something; played online games, chit-chat, music, remote logging into others' machines (everyone had the same username/password back then!) among other things...

Getting back to our topic, once we were told which projects we'd most likely be working in, we were moved around the floor into different bays. Seat #2. Since it was a relatively new facility, we were still organizing projects into different floors; as a result of which I got my seat #3 in a different floor. This perhaps is the coldest place in my office. One client who sat opposite me even remarked, "oh ya..its pretty cool here" in reply to my complaint that it was too "cold"! This seat also saw my second PC (which I use till now) and was the only empty place left after everyone picked theirs.

Seats #4, 5 chosen by me as a result of having an AC vent directly above my head and error in judgment on deciding on #4. Kunal who sat with his back to mine during seat #1, came to a similar position now :-)

#6 happened once my PM confirmed I'd be under him and was asked to move into his bay (so that he could watch our screens). This is where I was made a billable resource, where I did my first project that was recognized by the client (though not my best here). It is also here where I marked my seat with my name (a lot of people do that, "please don't steal this chair; back pain" are ubiquitous). Soon after this, things went bad for the client and I was moved to a new(er) project. Yes, my 7th seat!

After a month and a half there, am at typing this from my one week old seat #8. Another project, another client, another floor. Actually, this is temporary; until they empty a seat for me in another floor. Guess no one else has moved so much in so little time; anyone?

Am off to my next seat now :-) Will update once I reach my 10th! And, God forbid, it shouldn't be in my other office.


Psst: if you're some big guy @ Photon, get me a laptop so its easier for me to move around!


Rukmani Ram said...

"Will update once I reach my 10th! "

are you going to call that "ten-den-se(at)s"?

uleadin said...

I'm 'moved' upon reading this post! :D

nans said...

:D Damn cute!! and such a clever way of asking for a laptop :P

LVS said...


keep your word play to your blog!


Rukmani Ram said...

dei lvs.. intha nakkal onakke overa illa?

Akshaya said...

Lol... This was jus your way of askin for a Lappie LV... wasn't it??? Beat this.. I have never moved sats in my 5 years experience of working... Except for movin the job itself of course :D

Rukmani Ram said...

by the way.. why this advertising for your company? more soaping for the laptop a?

Seetha said...

I think none here knows tat u ve been pushed around primely cos u rarely stay @ ur seat(everytime u come back to one, its already occupied.. :P)

Mouli said...

Hey LVS,

You should've posted a pic of yours with all those "seats" beside you! ;)

- Mouli

Mathi said...

Actually where u r sitting now.. i'm looking around to see you...but your not in ur 7th,8th and 9th place....i think u r nomore in photon...

LVS said...


that would make a good flickr pic! :))


am in my 9th place now, at Photon! :)

Kunal said...

How wierd is this post!
Photon does not pay u for posting blogs like these brother. [ It does not pay me for leaving comments either :p ]

My seat count : 5

Good one. :D

LVS said...

i knew i was ahead of you!

but, no one can beat you at 'maximum number of projects at a time'!

Kunal said...

Yeah i know :)
I'm getting used to this now :p