Sunday, July 27, 2008

Early Bird Gets the Worm

I have a friend. One who likes to dream she is a bird (a crow, I often suggest) is quiet addicted to her office canteen. People prefer chit-chat, this girl prefers chat-chat.

She often boasts of taking a break from work and running to her cafeteria to grab a quick chat.

I am told, that the canteenwala is the best she has tasted in Chennai, so much that she never misses having a snack-a-day. Oh, did I tell you she makes sure she's the first to queue up outside the counter there? She'll do anything to be there first. Atleast one of the first. There aren't any prizes or concessions for early-birds, just self-satisfaction.

This trend of hers is now a thing of the past. You know why?
No, she didn't run out of money.
No, the chat guy didn't close (maybe later he did, but no).
Maybe, because she was a early bird.
Oh, yes, and she got the worm. Worms.

Probably the tapeworm. Well, after a little laugh from my side (daily), sad status messages on IM, heavy medication and lot of pain. She's managed to silence the squigglers. I am not aware if they lived, but she hasn't heard from them so far.

She has stopped having chat often since. :-)
So how often do you eat junk?


Anuradha said...

I am often a late-bird to the same canteen. The breaks i take are longer.. Will i end up having a LONGer parasitic worm LATEr? :(

RukmaniRam said...

how dyu know the chat gave her the worm? And if it did, how come the late birds got nothing?

Or was it the early worm that got caught?

LVS said...


why not try?

medical history.
and the early worm was to show that she never missed it.
perhaps the late birds weren't frequent...

LVS said...

darn it!
early bird i meant...

Vivek said...

The taste is in the worms!
Cheap food is easily available!
Its this or Ice gola.
I do hope everyone knows what a gola is. (Worms are your least worries)

LVS said...

how i miss them...was known as chuski in delhi..
yes, when golas are around, to hell with worms!

Kavya said...


It probably wasn't the chat but how the chat was being made ...

Chat generally has pretty decent stuff . . but the masalas and the oil etc they use incase of fried stuff.. now that cud be a reason . . the poor gurl . .

LVS said...

thanks for insight, but then i don't want to pay 40 bucks for a pani puri that is made in a 'nice place'. what's the guarantee they make it good anyway?