Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How to...Why is...

Google can be as enthusiastic as girl in class who knows all the answers to the teacher's questions.
Recently, Vishal discovered that in a Gmail Atom feed. I for one, found something similar. At first I thought, "Why is Google being so silly?". Take a look at the suggestions (automatically generated) given by the Google search bar in Fx3 for "How to ".

Then I tried with some other keywords, I've got a grab of that too.

This is when I realized (and with some shame, remembered), that Google gives these suggestions based on frequently searched keywords! Woah, are there really so many people who have second thoughts about their marriage?! Ask google indeed!!

Update. Seems the suggestions change with time and is also affected by what you searched. Sample, a N(a)RI-in-US's results:



anuradha said...

Seems like googling is a new way to lament...

Rukmani Ram said...

I thought it also depended in what you searched for, because I got totally different suggestions!

Rukmani Ram said...

ah, so nice of you to put it up too! so you WERE trying to find out how to kiss eh?

LVS said...

rather know how many people think of it that way..


no, i already know how to..:P

Akshaya said...

why does your "how to" search have only to do wit food and eatin?!? why are you lamenting bout "why" you got married???? Why you never asked google how to be nice and not rude to ppl?!??! :D Why? why? why?

Kunal said...

How to preserve Tomatoes, I wonder how many people actually browse for such things, For that matter how many actually post suggestions for it..
It got wierd when i decided to google it.. There seems to be a lot of stuff on the Internet, Most contributors are the industry people who use tomatoes for their products..
Now i know, If u have a question, there is an answer.. :)

Strangely i got some wierd suggestion from goole when i typed ' how to', If that is supposed to be from what i browsed previosly, I'm in a tight spot!

LVS said...

some one must have been using my comp while i was away...i also got 'how to kill doofus'



Prashanth said...

Maybe Google is proving a fact I proposed on my blog!

My 'How To' suggestions are totally different and 100% Family content!

Rukmani Ram said...

@ akshaya
I've recently been taken by cooking, seeing as I had so much time on my hands this past month

You'd be surprised at how many people need to know that! and if you look closely, you get a lot of "preserving for home" info too!

Hail google!

Kunal said...

One thing is just taken as a fact now, If u have a question, Google it to find the answer, Whatever it may be.

I guess all of this is because of thousands of online forums, Comments from the user's are also given as a search result. Google maharaj ki jai!

mummycool said...

like the way u compared google to the girl in clss...only u can come up wid such a comparison...u rock LVS!!!!