Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome or Farewell?

We all know how it is these days; ya I mean IT too.
Bankruptcies, closures, layoffs, salary cuts, delayed call letters and all that.

Yet, every company makes an effort to retain employees. They put them into a different stream, train them for that and what not.

Mine too, has always been committed in keeping the good ones. Recently, in order to bring out the 'best of the employees' innate potential they are to launch a programme shortly, which is called U-Turn. As I write this blog, the total structure of the programme is not known fully, but it concentrate on areas like leadership, etiquette (oh yes, that's needed), public speaking etc.

We hadn't a clue about this thing until a few days back. Till then, it was only posters everywhere saying "U-Turn (with a u-shaped arrow) X days to go" and such things. They were even put up at the main entrance. That was pretty confusing for a lot; and scary too! Just imagine, with the situation in the IT industry, a sign that says "u-turn" is read "stop. turn around. go back home"!
Today morning for instance, it was all the more pronounced, with the ominous symbol amidst a lot of balloons, festive garlands etc. I was like, "are they welcoming me, or giving a farewell?!".
Quite an ambiguous sign, I must say!

But then the charming smile from the receptionist was quite a welcome sign :D



VSR said...

All the writing u did was to capture the "Smile" of the receptionist somewhere in your blog I guess?

Janani said...

not bad at all...all firms are determined at kicking out people..(if it hasnt been done as yet)so what are you going to be doing to tap "hidden potentials"?

Sunith said...

Awestruck perception of things buddy; especially this thought of yours - "Just imagine, with the situation in the IT industry, a sign that says 'u-turn' is read 'stop. turn around. go back home!'". Well, who knows that might be the real message that the mgmt is trying to convey. ;-)

RukmaniRam said...


LVS said...

am not very good at camouflage am i? :)

i guess they might try to identify potential 'managers' and apply the Dilbert principle

i'm awestruck by your usage of 'awestruck'!


VSR said...

@ sunith
Now u r dumbstruck? :P

Gud set of replies... meaning- the replies were better than the blog..

Anuradha B said...

"charming smile from the receptionist...."
-Sure that was not a sarcastic one?

LVS said...

try to write one often.
and i mean a blog!

that is left to the reader! :D

ambika said...

What if 'the charming smile of the receptionist' meant "so, you're going back..finally..Yayy!!!" :|

LVS said...

jale pe namak!! :(

Kavya said...

The last line is probably the reason u wrote the blog - kinda like the silver lining in a cloud?

LVS said...

no. kinda like i buy an elephant because i own a mahout

Kunal said...

Nice one..
PS: For the sake of it! :P

I'm going to take a english tution class after talking to u..

For once you don't have STUPID criticisms to make :P

All are welcome :P

Mathi said...

Did u notice the words in the balloon "happy birthday G.B" ?? . I guess, they got these balloons somewhere from birthday party..(cost cutting??)..i really appreciate them for having such (OC)ballons rathan than giving farewell party to you...

LVS said...

yes, but then I thought it was birthday for Giga Byte! :P