Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random thoughts

A lot of things have been going on in my mind recently, well it always is. I thought it'll be good to pour all that here. OK, Kunal, I flicked that idea from you. Go ahead, sue me.

So, what have I been upto?
We are a group called Sit and am trying to develop a new website for ourselves. Am learning a bit of drupal for that. If you look at the current one, you won't ask why. Also, we're planning a big event in the city. Its top secret, I can't tell you!

I am currently working on a POP3 mail client based on PHP. (at work)

Apart from the geek stuff, am trying to sell my old PC. There are 3-4 prospective buyers none of whom are committed or have said no. To add to the confusion, am being advised to not sell it and use of for 'experiments'.

Last saturday, on the way to my friend's house, I noticed a hoarding saying "Women's shopping festival...blah blah". Wait. Women's shopping, that's alright. Why do they need a festival? Do they even need a reason to go shopping?

Indiainfoline, a financial services company who's motto is "Its all about money, honey". It seems to me they are now saying "I don't have any money, honey".

Rukmani, often puns on her blog and sometimes I give her tips which she twists so much I can't claim copyright. I often thinking of doing a just-for-pun post on my blog, thinking up stuff to write (mostly while driving/riding) and then forget it altogether.

I have gone slack on my daily accounting again, and this time I'm missing 85 25 bucks.

I am totally broke, and my last month's salary is 125 rupees less than it should be.

Last month's internet usage is 2 MB less than the maximum limit, phew!

Does anybody know why email attachments have to be scanned everytime you open them?

My 4+ year old bike gives a mileage of 72+ Kmpl.

I get nearly 4 stray wi-fi signals at my place, only one of which I was able to use (that too just once)

Its funny how Microsoft and Mark Shuttleworth (who is a founder of a Linux distribution [Ubuntu]) have the same abbreviated form

I am wondering why I did this totally pointless you even care?


RukmaniRam said...

why are you following your own blog?

and we care. but does it matter?

Kavya said...

Too much happening in life LV. . slow it down ! :)

Take sometime to smell the flowers ! :)

LVS said...


i have to follow what i say. else how will others do?! :P

and if you care, it does matter


oh now i need to allocate time for flowers too! am going to faint!

Kavya said...

@ LVS: what 'allocate' . . get outta ur machine life geek !

Vish said...

Hey, you missed a tiny detail in this post.

I take bath everyday, keep myself clean


I sinned today, I cut two trees

Kunal said...


Bigger LOL..
These thoughts don't occur to you at random.. All you do is keep thinking of them.. :P Take a break.. How about we go for a break at 4.30?


LVS said...


sure thing