Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogger to Wordpress - Changing loyalty

If you took a look at my previous post and the comments there, you'd know I have been considering to shift from Blogger to Wordpress.Chill guys, I have not yet made the decision to move. But I might. The purpose of the this very post is to warn you in advance. One fine day you might find a page from blogger asking your permission to redirect to my WP page. You have been warned. (Or you might have seen that already, in that case apologies). So, why now. Why not before?
Now, because they say WP is a lot better (Blogger, so sorry to say this on _your_ pages, but as you say, its _my_ site) It seems I've been having a WP page since more than a year ago, might as well use it. Why not before? I didn't know and I was afraid of losing my page rank, my posts and mainly the user comments. But then I figured, my page rank ain't so great. And WP provides for importing all my posts _and_ my comments. Wow, big deal?! Nah..RSS. Old technology. So anyway, so be it. Thathasthu! See you on WP soon. Might. We just might meet there.


PS: Many thanks for Ambika for the idea. And many more thanks to Kunal for helping me change my password :P


ambikadarolia said...


Firstly, thanks for the honour!! ;)
Secondly, I think it would be a great idea to convert..

Hope to see you really soon as a co-WP user..! :D


Kavya said...

D'oh . .

LVS said...

you're welcome and thank you! :D

'Meh' to your blog

RukmaniRam said...

i briefly migrated to wp long ago, but then came running back to blogger, because it offers me more flexibility, despite being limiting in various aspects. wp offers pretty neat analytical tools though, but the layout wasn't as flexible. try it out now, and let me know

LVS said...

hmmm yes...
somehow there's an attachment to blogger..and the wp dashboard seems a bit complicated. the decision will take time...

Kunal Janu said...

I have a lot of visitors on my blog, most of them.. first time visitors.. I could have easily earned a few bucks just for page impressions..

Just cant make the decision.. For now, I'm only sticking to WP..

Kunal Janu
PS: What did u change the password into!?! :P

LVS said...

hmph! show offs!

new password = old password + "123"

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