Thursday, March 19, 2009

For the love of surveys

The other day I was filling up a survey for employee satisfaction in IT companies. Its really nice to know someone out there cares what IT professionals feel about their working environment and how its influences their lives. Though for unaltruistic reasons, am sure people would love a(nother) channel where they can express what they really feel about their bosses and/or subordinates. Agreed, the survey ain't going to change their lives overnight. But it gives the satisfaction of being true to oneself, once in a while. Don't we all love reading stuff on magazines and newspapers (they aren't just news anymore, anyway) which talk about the sad state of IT employees? Especially statements which go "a recent survey suggested that IT employees are...blah blah..". It is something even non-IT people can relate to, because its what everyone talks about!

Personally, am glad that the survey was anonymous. Not that I had complained too much, am pretty happy with my job, so there. Anyway, what makes me glad is that several of my answers are just random. I couldn't help it. The questions seemed so redundant to me but thinking it ought to have a different meaning than the previous but being unable to comprehend it I settle for a random answer. Take a look at some of the questions and you'll know what I mean. (all of the below are yes/no questions)
  • my life has a clear sense of purpose
  • I have discovered a satisfying life purpose
  • I have a good sense of what makes my life purposeful
Another set,
  • I feel I can chose the way I live my life
  • I have the freedom to chose my lifestyle
  • I feel I is my right to pick my lifestyle
You get the idea? I didn't. That's why I was scared to answer them. What if the questions were there to check my sincerity in taking the survey? Not that I care. Randomness helps. Just be wary next time you take a survey!


PS: Still not made a decision on the move.
PPS: Kunal will never buy a PC in 2009. He's just putting vetti scene! :P


RukmaniRam said...

dude, do i need to know if someone else will buy a comp this year?

Kunal Janu said...

U take these surveys.. Do you have time for all this?

LVS talks as if he was all clear in his mind before getting his dell laptop.. He wasn't sure how much RAM he wants :P

He now is planning on buying a phone.. I wonder what he'll be going through.. :D

Kunal Janu

LVS said...

PPS stands for Personal Post Script :P

damn! :D

ambikadarolia said...

Where are your anwers?!!

About P.S.: The WP dashboard is indeed confusing for starters. It would take a few days!!

About P.P.S.: I am sure of that too!! He made it very clear himself.. :P

My own P.S.: New phone, huh?? :D

LVS said...

answers, as i said, were random. toss a coin.
about About P.S I didn't even try. Just looked and turned away!
about About P.P.S he's pestering me everyday for current prices!
about My own P.S new phone? huh! :( :)

Janani said...

* I feel I can chose the way I live my life

means its a thought that u have...cud be any casual goes out to say you may feel...but not necessarily assert your position...

* I have the freedom to chose my lifestyle

means u r saying u already have it...means ur already 'liberated'

* I feel I is my right to pick my lifestyle

means u are asserting that u SHUD get the right to choose...there's a touch of rebellion in that

Janani said...

management and hr questions are designed to judge your state of mind...i think their expression is quite alright...except that people don't take the meanings too seriously! :P

LVS said...

I wish you were around every time I fill a survey! My point is that, the questions should be little more intuitive than what it is.

Janani said...

he he he....english interpretations suck anyway...always scope for mis-interpretatins in them!