Thursday, March 05, 2009

Where are my readers?

Long long ago, I had enabled a beautiful tool, called Google Analytics for my blog. And I had forgotten about it. Today, I thought I'd use GA to track visitors, page clicks etc etc and realised what I already quoted in the first line. This being my second attempt (first here) at statistics for my blog, wasn't as cheerful to look at.
Here are a few things GA measured for me (and I pick the ones which were relatively the best)
  • Visitor loyalty - how many times an individual user returned to read my blog
  • Visitor recency - how soon did the returning user come back
  • Bounce rate - how many just came to the home page and then went away without looking at other pages
  • Length of each visit
  • Number of unique users
  • Page views
  • and more...
And I scored abysmally on all of the above! 70% of the people visiting my blog, turn away after reading(?) the stuff on the first page, and playing with the fish too perhaps. Unique visitors is about 200. Average time on site is 2 mins. Average number of visits per day is around 4 :-( :-( :-(

So I thought it was time for some action. I guess you now realise that I have enabled summaries (which is not an _available_ feature in blogger). Number of posts per page have been increased. GA also tells me, 64% of the visitors are new and more than 50% come from referring sites. I've decided to make the biggest draw even bigger. Backlinks everywhere! My IM status will almost always say "Blog update" henceforth and things like that...More ideas for blog promotion are welcome. Yes, am on directories like IndiBlogger and Technorati.

Also, I need to make sure the visits spike on the day of a post is not too much higher than on other days. Any ideas for that?

OK, I made this post just to tell you people that some changes on this blog (visible/otherwise). A change of template didn't work. Someone suggest one?

Thanks and keep coming back for more! :D

Update: 'ravukalam' and 'i am an idiot latin translation' are keywords that show my blog as the first result on google search! :P yay!


Anonymous said...

ithi emaayinthi ra neeku?


LVS said...

i hear that is wrong golt.
if you meant what happened to me (as in my blog),
then i don't know..

perhaps you should learn not to complain if you don't get enough comments on yours!

RukmaniRam said...

what i said eggjactly translates to "this what happened da to you"
which is very very permissible. so there.

and i have no idea what ur last line meant

LVS said...

you left a "?"

anyway, i meant, even i don't have many don't feel bad that you don't have much
catch my point?

RukmaniRam said...

so take your accusation back now

Kunal said...

Ah.. You ask for ideas..

*random thought* :P
The 'Ah..' habit is from the client i talk to.. He does 'Ahan..' and I do the 'Ah..'

The idea:
1. Publish some posts.. :D
There is no point having them in drafts :p

2. Get a Tata Sky connection.. I'm sure u will find 100 other reasons to blog :P

3. You have to comment on every blog that u read.. It's my way of getting the blog owner to read my blog!

If none of the above work.. it's time to switch off and go home! You may want to try paying the readers :P

You should be here!

viyasini said...

the blogs seems to be too far and in btw...increase the frequency of blogging .. add new blogs every nw and then

LVS said...

that wasn't an accusation, an observation
since you will next say it was incorrect, i'll save you the trouble. i take that back

yes..atleast for asin i should! what a woman!! :-O

ya! if you see, in the last one week there has been 3 posts! :)

thanks for dropping by!

ambikadarolia said...

Leave TataSky for Kunal..You look for others.. :D
Btw, I somehow don't find this site very read/comment friendly.. That wasn't a complain, btw..Just a suggestion!! :P

And yea, that will be Rs.500(only) please..(inclusive of visiting, commenting and suggesting charges!!)

LVS said...

hmmm tell me how i can improve.
is it the theme? the background or the content itself :-O

ambikadarolia said...

Haha.. The content seems fine whatever little it is!! May be now you can concentrate on 'Quantity' :P
About theme & background..I don't know if I'll be sued for this, but shift to Wordpress!!!!!!!! It will give you your desired/deserved place in the Blog-o-sphere!
Just a note: You can import all your posts & comments from this site to that, if you wish to "convert" ;)

LVS said...

but am worried about losing whatever little page rank i have! lets see...other people too are suggesting it...

and i didn't know my comments would be imported too..that would be great!

Kunal Janu said...

we meet everyday, u did not bother to ask me once.. Adding another reader to ur blog eh.. :P

Kunal Janu
(noted that posting 'Kunal Janu' in the comments leaves better footprints than just 'Kunal' :D)

Kunal is from now on, Kunal Janu

LVS said...

you made a gazette announcement an excuse to comment?

Smitha said...

yes ..the fish seems to be more interesting than the blog :-) !!

would definitely get into your blog page often ...mind it its just for the fish ;-) hehehe

LVS said...

this is a big day for me!
smitha the great has visited my blog!
after much show-off she's finally succumbed to the 'dipping-point'
she couldn't deny my blog was interesting, if not popular!
yes yes yes!

yes you can do that. only visits count for me. did you know on each post's page i have different kinds of fish showing up in random? ;-)

Smitha said...

LV - as if i care for those random fishes showing up in different posts .... I can succumb once to your pleas and requests but not often dude ;-)

now can i tell your other readers that how much you had to bribe me to get me onto your blog for a visit ;-)

try to post something better and candid and shall think of getting into one more post ....

LVS said...

i can only thank you for adding more comments :D