Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Linux and the Tasmanian Devil

[This ain't a geeky post!] Everyone heard of Linux? Good. You know its mascot? Its a penguin, right. Know what its called? Tux, it is. Tux has always been the mascot for Linux and nobody even thought of replacing it. The penguin was Linus' (the creator) choice and now he has again decided to change it, temporarily. With the latest [kernel] version of Linux, Tuz the Tasmanian Devil was announced as the mascot for Linux. Though temporarily. Its for a cause. This switcheroo is to support the 'Save the Tasmanian Devil' campaign which aims to protect species from extinction.

Tux has now given way for Tuz. Note, that it is Tuz and not Taz as in the looney toons. Here's an image to help you understand the difference!

tux tuz taz

For me its sad that Tux won't be around for sometime. Besides, Tuz looks horrible! ech! I do hope things are back to normal soon.

Sigh-ing off,

PS: Will the 'Save the Tasmanian Devil' campaign use Tux for sometime? Because Linux is pretty endangered too :P

Image sources: Wikimedia, The Register, Toons Town


RukmaniRam said...

part of the reason tuz looks horrible to u is bcos its a cross between the penguin and the animal.

get used to it.

Kavya said...

Linux could be good as an OS but they have terrible logos !! Ugh !!

LVS said...

ya! i hope next time they don't come up with a random new specie.

maybe you should let them use your photo and call it 'kuz' :D

Anonymous said...

I have no idea about any of the above!! This comment is just for the sake of it! Want some more?? :D

LVS said...

yes, pass on the link to your friends :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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